Biopharmlaboratories/Bovine Thrombin - High Purity/91-035/100,000 US Units
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Biopharmlaboratories/Bovine Thrombin - High Purity/91-035/100,000 US Units

The high purity bovine thrombin (>2200 U/mg protein) is used by many U.S. diagnostic companies to defibrinate plasma, producing serum matrixes to be used as controls and standards or in polyclonal antibody production. Using bovine thrombin in polyclonal antibody production to defibrinate plasma may increase antibody yields by 15-20% over off-the-clot methods of defibrination. (BioPharm Defibrination Protocol)

Our high purity thrombin is also used to cleave His Tags and GST Tags with a high degree of specificity. We express our units in US Units (aka, NIH Units) measured by coagulation. There are approximately 5 Thrombin cleavage units for every one US Unit.

A product Material Safety Data Sheet is available here—91-035 MSDS

This product is for in vitro (diagnostic) use only.  Not for human or animal consumption.
Thrombin Activity (by coagulation)>200,000 units/g powder
Protein (by Biuret)Not Specified
Thrombin Specific Activity>2200 units/mg powder
Moisture (by Karl Fischer)0 - 5%
pH (1% solution)6.5 - 7.5
Salt EnvironmentGlycine, Sodium Chloride
Recommended diluent for reconstitution0.9% NaCl